dror revach

dror revach

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Username * dror-zoro
Country * Israel
City Tel-Aviv
Nationality Israeli


Availability: Freelance


My name is Dror Revach I am 29 years old . I live in Tel -Aviv Israel and works as a freelance 3d artist, mainly in commercials and television. I studied art and multimedia in "Camera Obsqura" ,(An art school in Tel-Aviv) ,and started working as a 3d artist in a post production firm called "Primus" . i worked there couple of years mainly in television and did some commercials , i also participated in the creation of an animation dvd for kids called Tiny Love.
now days I teach Maya in an art school called "Minshar".
My main 3d program is Maya (i originally come from 3dmax) i work also with Max and Xsi.